Grand Prix for the second time! Get ready for the Special Edition with €200,000 GTD

Grand Prix for the second time! Get ready for the Special Edition with €200,000 GTD


The popular British band Depeche Mode sings the big hit: "Just Can't Get Enough". And we can sing it in conjunction with the Grand Prix tournament series at Card Casino in September. In the beginning of the ninth month, the classic GP is played, with €100,000, and at the end of the month, the SPECIAL EDITION will be on the schedule with double the guarantee!

It's really true. September in Carde will belong to a double serving of Grand Prix tournaments.

The second one, with a double guarantee of €200,000, is scheduled for Sept. 19-24, when the opening flights are played, followed by the Final Day.

Prior to these, as well as during the Grand Prix Poker Week, players can also look forward to satellites. 

The tournament format is virtually the same. The guarantee is changing, from €100,000 to €200,000, and so is the buy-in, from €100 to €200. The starting stack will be 50,000 chips. 

And this is what the flight schedule will look like:

Tuesday, 19.9. at 18:00         DAY 1A

Wednesday, 20.9. at 18:00     DAY 1B

Thursday, 21.9. at 18:00         DAY 1C

Friday, 22.9. at 15:00             DAY 1D

Friday, 22.9. at 20:00             DAY 1E

Saturday, 23.9. at 12:00        DAY 1F

Saturday, 23.9. at 17:00         DAY 1G

Saturday, 23.9. at 22:00        DAY 1H Turbo

Sunday, 24.9 at 11:00         DAY 1I Hyperturbo

Sunday, 24.9. at 13:30         DAY 1J FLIP&GO (8-HANDED)

The Final Day of the SPECIAL EDITION Grand Prix Tournament will be played on Sunday, September 24 at 4:00 PM.

For all the information about September's happenings at the poker tables, as well as other events at the casino, please visit or contact the staff of Slovakia's largest casino directly.