Play Cash Game in CARD with Cashback of the Month.

Play Cash Game in CARD with Cashback of the Month.


There's good news for Cash Game lovers. Slovakia's biggest casino, Card Casino Bratislava, has launched an interesting Cash Game promotion that will reward those who have the most hours logged.

Cashback promotions from cash tables are already well known. Their principle is simple. The more hours, the bigger the reward.

The promotion started its countdown on Wednesday, September 6 and will run until the end of the ninth month of the year, September 30. Players will earn points for each hour played on CG, depending on the game's limit, as follows:

€1/€1 - 0.5 points

€1/€3 - 1 point

€2/€2 - 1.25 points

€2/€5 - 1.5 points

€5/€5 - 2 points

€5/€10 - 2.5 points

€10/€10 - 3 points

higher limits - 4 points

(points are doubled on Monday/Tuesday days)

The condition that players must meet in order to receive a share of the split cashback is that they have played a minimum of 50 hours during the reporting period, at any limit.  Of course, active play is required.

Split Cashback is created by collecting the "Jackpot" from each pot over €11 (must be a flop). In this case, 1€ will be taken for the jackpot.

From every pot over €50 (with a flop) €2 will be taken.

The ongoing jackpot amount as well as the number of hours played by each player will be updated daily and available from the manager at the Cash Game Pit.

At the end of the reporting period, the total pot collected will be divided by the total number of player points and divided among those who have met the 50 hours requirement.

For more information on what's happening at the poker tables at Card Casino Bratislava, visit the website or enquire directly with the casino staff.