Win a brand new Mercedes in your Carde! How to do it?

Win a brand new Mercedes in your Carde! How to do it?

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Want to leave Card Casino in a new car? Go for it! All you have to do is actively participate in the game from April to June, play for special raffle tickets and then get lucky. The exclusive Mercedes Benz A-Class sedan 180 might just be waiting for you.

Lots of attractive promotions, jackpots, bingo, raffle. Thanks to them, the visitors of Card Casino Bratislava have often made their day more pleasant and won a great prize in the last weeks and months. 

Now, however, we are taking the rewards to an even higher level, as we are playing for an exclusive, brand new Marcedes car! How to get it?

From April until the end of June, players have the opportunity to receive special raffle tickets, from which we will draw the winner of the new car as well as the owners of the prizes worth €6,700 in a big draw on Friday 30 June. The raffle to win the final Mercedes tickets will be drawn on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. 

And how to get the tickets for the classic raffle as well as the final tickets for the Mercedes? Players can get them on slots, poker as well as Live Game.

See how to get tickets for the Mercedes game.


When the Card or Gold Jackpot hits on the slots, the lucky guest will instantly get a final ticket for the Mercedes Benz grand prize. When the Silver, Bronze or Happy Hour Jackpot hits, the guest will receive a normal raffle ticket from which we will then draw the winners of the final tickets.


For participating at the final table in a tournament with a buy-in of €200+, the player will receive 3 tickets for 1st place, 2 tickets for 2nd place and 1 ticket for 3rd place.

For a final table in a tournament with a buy-in of less than €200, the winner will receive one ticket.


Roulette players have the opportunity to receive 1 ticket for repeating a winning number consecutively for a bet of €5 or more when the guest has a straight up bet.


Playing this game, players can receive both a standard and a final slip. 

One standard raffle ticket will be awarded to anyone who wins the Full House.

One FINAL ticket will be awarded to the player with a combination of Poker and Straight Flush.

Three FINAL tickets will be awarded to the player who hits a Royal Flush.


One ticket is awarded to the player for the first 3 cards of the same suit on the same box (split counts, e.g.: 3,3,3; J,J,J; ...),

One FINAL ticket is awarded to a player for getting a combination of 3x "7" in hearts.


One regular raffle ticket will be awarded to a player for a winning Tie bet.

Whoever receives a raffle ticket will take the first step towards the big win. After that, all he or she can do is hope that your name will be the one to be heard at the beginning of the summer. The draw will take place on Friday 30 June, where we will find out the owner of the grand prize, a new Mercedes. Specifically, the A-Class, sedan model 180, petrol. 

However, other prizes worth €6,700 will also be drawn on the same day.


Price in €



Mercedes Benz













3x LCH, 3x Tiket


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